Veilish is a natural self-adhesive window fabric, designed for glass covering and decoration.

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  /  Cleaning

Do’s and don’ts.

How do I clean Veilish?

Dust can easily be removed with a lint free cloth or a vacuum cleaner with a brush, be sure that the brush is clean. If dust particles do not come off easily, a sticky roller/lint remover as used for clothing can be used.

Can I use water to clean Veilish?

Light stains such as mud can be removed with water and a microfiber cloth.

Do not clean Veilish with a wet sponge, steam or water jet, it may lose its adhesive properties.

How do I clean windows that are partly covered with Veilish?

If a window is partly covered with Veilish, clean the part that is not covered with Veilish with a microfiber cloth and a window cleaning solution such as Glassex. Be sure not to us an excessive amount of Glassex, it may leave stains on the fabric.

Can I use a cleaning solution to remove dirt?

Heavier stains can often be removed with a water based/solvent free cleaning solution.Due to the large variety it is recommended to test the product on a small area.

Can I remove Veilish to clean the window its applied on?

No. Do not remove the product and/or wash it, the adhesive will loose its strength and can not be re-applied.